England Adventures: Finding a Flatshare

Christoph and AM have been searching London high and low for a flatshare the past week, and finally they have settled into their new home, anxiously awaiting the arrival of Truepenny and Leonard.

Apparently AM has already made sure the kitchen is well-stocked with hot sauce (lately Truepenny and AM have eaten nearly everything covered in hot sauce! Christoph is a fan, but sometimes it tickles his nose).

A view of the yard.

It is near a park, a tube station and a couple of groceries, and not too far out from Central London. AM, Truepenny, Christoph and Leonard hope to be very happy there. Just under two weeks until Truepenny and Leonard fly over the pond to join AM and Christoph!

Tomorrow AM starts his new job. Wish him luck!


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England Adventures: Pre-move Makeover

Hello there!

Truepenny has been busy with her MA, but now she is finally free to help Christoph update his blog.

Christoph is preparing to move across the pond to London, England in just four days! Truepenny will meet him and A.M. in September with Leonard.

But before Christoph could make the trip, Truepenny thought he could use a clean so he’d look cute and professional to the customs officers. Last time he travelled to England, he got a swab analysis done, and it was scary for such a little guy.

So, it was time for a bath!

NSFW: Christoph gets nekkid!


Drying off in the Hawaiin breeze.

Post-bath coziness.

After a cup of tea and reading some Harry Potter, Christoph fell asleep while drying off by the window.

These pictures remind Truepenny and Christoph of when Christoph was just a fuzzy little baby! Flashback!


Christoph travels lightly, so he has little to do besides wait for Monday and spend time with Truepenny and Leonard before the big trip. Wish him luck, and check back for more England Adventures!

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Cake > Schoolwork

Christoph was helping Carolyn with her schoolwork…

But he thought this book…

…proved more interesting reading than the entire pile of schoolwork combined!

So they made a cake!

Baking isn’t baking without licking the bowl!

The final product with cream cheese frosting.

Now full of chocolate cake, it’s time Christoph and Carolyn got back to the books.

Until next time!

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Christoph made himself into a gingerbread cookie!

And then he built a house with his friend Leonard!

Christoph hopes everyone had a happy holiday and that they have a happy and healthy new year. For more on the gingerbread house, visit truepenny’s blog!

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Higher Academia.

Truepenny has been doing her MA in English, and it’s a lot of work. So Christoph has been helping.

P1010001ay (14)

But he find it hard to study without a snack.

P1010001ay (15)

Nom nom nom.

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Christoph à Montréal

A couple weeks ago, A and Truepenny took Christoph to see the sights in Montréal.

Christoph made a friend at the hostel.

Christoph made a friend at the hostel.

He climbed Mont-Royal

He climbed Mont-Royal

...and made it all the way to the top!

...and made it all the way to the top!

After the hike, cooled off while A and Truepenny enjoyed a refreshing beverage.

After the hike, cooled off while A and Truepenny enjoyed a refreshing beverage.

There are plenty of good eats including poutine...

There were plenty of good eats including poutine...

...smoked meat sandwiches...

...smoked meat sandwiches...



...and steak frites!

...and steak frites!

Overall, nous avons passé de bonnes vacances!

Christoph and Truepenny have settled into their new home, where Truepenny will be pursuing her MA in English. Though they will both be very busy, Christoph hopes he will stop neglecting his blog!

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A little help for Truepenny

Christoph is visiting with A. at the moment, and Truepenny is home alone working hard on the last essay of her undergraduate career. So to cheer her up, A. decided Christoph should send her a picture of him with his friends…


More updates soon when Truepenny is officially done her ungrad!

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Ice, ice, baby.

bling polaroid

Once again, Christoph apologizes for his prolonged absence from the interweb. He’s a busy little elephant and has been spending the month eating yummy food and being cool. He got himself some ice, as you can see.

About a month back, Christoph joined Truepenny and A up at A’s cottage for some relaxation and good eats over Reading Week. He helped them try their hand at making sushi for the first time!

sushi 1The whole meal consisted of salmon rolls & nigiri, eel rolls & nigiri, miso soup and, when we tired of rolling, we just tossed some salmon, eel and other ingredients in a bowl with rice. And champagne to celebrate our culinary accomplishment (though of course Christoph is too young to partake of such things!).

sushi 2Overall, it was rather delicious for a first attempt. The rice of course was really the difficult part, and A did a fine job of not messing up what Truepenny likely would have.

On the less sophisticated end of the spectrum, Christoph and Truepenny also made chocolate-chip-peanut-butter-cup cookies!

cookies 1

cookies 2

Mmm. Maybe not as fancy as sushi, but very delicious!

Though it’s essay season for Truepenny (which results in many nights in for both her and Christoph) Christoph promises to take better care of his blog!

You’ll hear from him again soon!

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Guess who’s back?


Christoph has been taking a long break and relaxing, but now he’s ready to get back to blogging.

Since it’s been a month since his last post, it seems the daily photo goal may be unachievable. As such, updates will be less frequent, but you will definitely be seeing more of this little elephant.

Stay tuned!

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06 Jan 2009

Christoph’s New Year’s Resolutions:

Make new friends.

Make new friends.

Eat less junk food.

Eat less junk food.

Learn lots.

Learn lots.

Try new things.

Try new things.

Get more beauty rest.

Get more beauty rest.

Have fun!

Have fun!

Christoph hopes all your plans and wishes for 2009 come true!

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